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About Us

Right about now you may be asking yourself several questions such as:
1.)     What in the hell kind of record label is this…I don’t get it? 
Answer: We are simply a group of artists putting our music online when we finish recording it.  Some of our stuff is free, and some is for sale.   

2.)     What makes RSR different from any other dumb record label website?
Answer: We are fully independent.  Two of us started this alone, and the music we put out does not fit into any easily defined genres; our music is effusive in that it draws from multiple influences instead of mocking some old group and calling it retro.

3.)     So, what kind of genres of music do you get into? 
Answer: We do a lot of stuff with drum machines.  We do electronic driven rock, and a lot of alternative rap stuff.  Everything we’ve done so far is pretty much rooted in funk, industrial rock, hip hop, and basically somewhat darker experimental music.

4.)     Why should I give a damn?
Answer: The major record labels don’t want you to think outside the box because they are in the middle of a “cradle to the grave” marketing scheme where they attempt to capitalize on making you think you want a series of releases that all sound the same so as to create cross product reinforcement instead of innovation.  By visiting our site or consuming our music you are standing up against “sound alike” artists and the corporate control over the music industry.  We record this stuff in a studio made from an old porch with low budget technology in the few hours we get away from our regular jobs.  We don’t make idols; we make art through sound!!

So, in short…we have a lot of stuff in the works such as the new Mad Trucker CD and website, and the new Cardiofluxus CD, sticker and shows.  Check back periodically and we’ll keep you up to date.  We are what we are…make of it what you will.  If you have any questions or comments then by all means contact us and we will respond within the week.  We have far more noise to come so stay tuned!!
Rip Shop Records, Inc  |  (501) 912-5941