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Truckenstein 9

"Recklessly Zooted" represents a series of songs that came out of a collaboration between Emperor Sunny Haynes, Mad Trucker, and Michael Tustison (also featuring 9th Scientist). A blast of space age beat experiments and lyrical visions of post-apocalyptic mutating humanoids--an epic saga of subwoofer abuse and loosely thrown grotesque narratives. This project has been in the making since 2003, and now the monster is rebuilt and ready to stomp and crush all your tiny houses--bigger and stronger than ever before--Trucker rebuilt for 2005.

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Recklessly Zooted
Cyborgs Can't Behave
Suicide Bombers
I Wield This Laser Ray
Hate You Assholes
Howlin' Wolf

Decoder Ring
Deadman Schizo
Swamp Things
Possessed By Science
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